What should be the exam preparation strategy for the Defence exams in one month?

Defense exams are highly challenging and competitive. It needs an authentic and comprehensive exam preparation to ace it. There are various Defense exams such as AFCAT, NDA, CDS, etc. Candidates apply for the exam and join reputed coaching institutes to prepare for the exam. All the defense exams are having moderate to difficult levels of questions because it is seeking officer-rank candidates through the exam. Every aspirant needs to work hard with dedication to score high. 

Defense exams comprise of three sections in the written exam these are:

  1. English
  2. General Awareness and
  3. Mathematics

The syllabus of these sections is based on the 10 + 2 syllabus but the difficulty level is high. One needs a systematic study pattern to cover the entire syllabus effectively. Aspirants who are keen to join defense jobs start their exam preparation months before the scheduled exam date by joining the best afcat coaching in chandigarh. These exams are conducted twice a year and the time of the exams is also fixed. At times, candidates do not get time to sit for the studies. They need to plan the study strategy to cover the syllabus in less time. Let us discuss the exam preparation strategy for the defense exam to cover the syllabus in one month. It is the minimum time that one needs to prepare for the exam if the timetable is followed swiftly and systematically.

  • Know the entire syllabus from the official website

The first step is to know and understand the syllabus. Visit the official website or official notification and note down the entire syllabus. 

  • Identify the difficulty level 

Identify the difficulty level by going through the previous year’s questions. Solve the questions asked in the previous question papers to know the difficulty level. Practice the questions with the same level for all the topics that you are going to prepare for the exam. It becomes easy to prepare the strategy for the studies if know the type of questions asked in the exam.

  • Divide the topics into two categories 

Divide the topics of the syllabus into two categories i.e., easy and difficult. Focus more on the difficult topics but start the exam preparation with easy topics. Give a balanced approach to all the topics. Do not leave any topic because it will spoil your preparations and you will not be able to attempt the exam confidently. 

  • Buy the best study material

Buy the most comprehensive and competitive study material for the subjects you are going to study for the exam. The study material should be based on the latest exam pattern and syllabus of the defense exams. Read and understand the basic concepts from the study material besides taking a video lecture or classroom coaching. 

  • Join online coaching for defense exam

Since you have only one month in hand, hence join online coaching for defense exams. It is a short and concise study module covering all the topics. The video lectures are framed to cover the important points related to the topic and the duration is less than an hour. It saves your time and the topic is covered constructively. You may join short-term coaching at a reputed NDA coaching institute in Chandigarh or AFCAT coaching institute in Chandigarh, CDS coaching institute in Chandigarh. It depends upon your priority and the availability of time but choose it wisely.

  • Fix your study hours

Fix your study hours for at least 8 to 10 hours a day. Make the timetable for 8 to 10 hours covering all the subjects. Study all the subjects with one or two topics on them. If the topics are covered systematically then you will be able to learn all the topics thoroughly. Give enough time to understand the topics. It is only possible if you fix timings for learning and revising the topics. Revision is a must to make a thorough preparation. Remember to keep at least 2 hours in a day to revise the topics. Prepare short notes and revise from them.

  • Divide your available time for every section

Every section plays a dominant role in adding scores to your aggregate. Do not ignore any of them. Leave aside your favoritism and concentrate on all the subjects. It will work as an asset to fetch a high score in the exam.

  • Practice full-length mock tests 

Buy online test series for defense exams and take one full-length mock test daily. Get it evaluated by the experts of the concerned portal by submitting the same. Identify your weak topics from the analysis provided on your attempted mock test. Revise and practice them simultaneously because tomorrow never comes in such situations where you have less time. In case you are not able to understand and revise the topics on your own then ask for the doubt session. 

  • Learn short tricks and methods

Learn the concepts well followed by the short tricks and methods on the comprehensive and tricky topics. Mathematics has some tricky topics where one can apply short tricks to save time in the exam. Learn the short tricks and methods under the supervision and guidance of the experts.  

  • Take speed tests 

After learning the short tricks and methods, practice them on speed tests. Monitor your speed by keeping the timer on while attempting speed tests. It will improve your speed of solving the questions. Practice them regularly.


These are the significant tips that will enable an aspirant to cover the entire syllabus of defense exams. Follow them without skipping a day even if you have joined a reputed NDA coaching institute in Chandigarh or AFCAT coaching institute in Chandigarh, CDS coaching institute in Chandigarh. 

All the best!!!

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