Freshly Ground Coffee VS Packaged: Which One Would be Best

If you like coffee and are not one to settle for anything, we are sure you will prefer freshly ground coffee .

Instant coffee is on the rise, surely due to the frenetic lifestyle that is usually carried out today, lack of time, etc. However, freshly ground coffee is generally much healthier and more delicious.

In this article we explain the advantages of buying the best coffee beans and coffee grinding it as well as some tricks to get a perfect freshly ground coffee and the right kitchen utensils.


Advantages of Freshly Ground Coffee

What are the advantages of coffee beans? Well, almost everything has advantages and there is only one disadvantage.

More flavor, more aroma: Coffee beans better preserve all its organoleptic properties, that is, flavor and aroma than if it is already ground. This is due to the fact that the ground coffee has more surface contact with the air and then it begins to oxidize and lose properties. That is why it is better to grind it just at the time it is going to be consumed and of course it will always be better than industrial coffee that is already purchased ground and has been ground for months in a package.

Healthier: Freshly ground coffee is not only more delicious than pre-packaged ground coffee, and of course instant coffee, but it is also healthier. Packaged ground and instant coffees often need preservatives and other additives to prevent their flavor and aroma from fading over time when packaged. Freshly ground coffee does not need these additives because its aroma does not lose over time, since we are going to consume it on the spot.

The only disadvantage, as you may have already imagined, is that it is more labor- intensive since you need coffee grinders to grind the coffee or another system.

Tricks To Grind Coffee

There are several systems to grind coffee, but keep in mind the following tips and recommendations to obtain a delicious coffee:

That the system does not heat the coffee: Whether you use electric or manual grinders , be careful that when you grind the coffee, it does not heat up since part of its flavor and aroma evaporates when heated. In addition, this deterioration effect is exacerbated when the coffee is already ground or semi-ground. Therefore, grind slowly or with short breaks if you use an electric coffee grinder. The best way to avoid overheating is to use a manual or traditional coffee grinder.

Grind the coffee to the appropriate thickness: Depending on the type of coffee and coffee maker you use, one thickness or another will be more recommended for the preparation. For example, plunger coffee makers are used with a much coarser grain than espresso machines.

There are Coffee Makers That Grind Coffee: Yes, there are already some coffee makers that automatically grind the amount of coffee necessary to prepare a cup. This is very good, but as you can imagine it is very expensive.

Using the Manual Classic Coffee Grinder

Using the manual coffee grinder is very simple. In addition, it is very decorative so you do not have to keep it and take it out each time you use it, but you can leave it on the counter for example as a vintage ornament.

The main advantage is that the coffee does not heat up when grinding and thus prevents deterioration or impoverishment of its aroma and flavor.

To use the old coffee grinder, all you have to do is insert the coffee beans from the top and turn the handle. The ground coffee automatically falls into the drawer located at the bottom for more convenience.Another good advantage is that it rarely breaks down as it has a very simple mechanism unlike electric grinders.


Using the Electric Coffee Grinder

If you use an electric coffee grinder , try to use it with a pulse function or use it at short intervals. Why? Well, because if the coffee is heated when grinding, it alters its properties causing its aroma and flavor to be impoverished.

The use is very simple, as in the case of the manual coffee grinder, the coffee beans are introduced from the top, the lid is closed and the button is pressed. There is not much else to note.

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